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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are searching for an English course, it is very normal for several questions to arise.
We have here some questions and answers that can help you see what sets Verbalize Now apart.

Any other questions and/or information you need, you can contact us via email and/or through our contact form, alright?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your methodoloy?

We carry out an assessment to identify what your professional goals are and what gaps need to be filled in your communication so that you can achieve your goals. We adapt the agile methodology for teaching English so our goal is to get straight to the point and adapt the classes according to your needs, performance and new goals that may arise during the course. All classes, regardless of package and level, are focused on conversation and improving communication. Our aim is to help our students communicate in English in an international company clearly and effectively. 

  • What are the nationalities of the teachers?

We currently employ English teachers from the United States and Brazil. All of our Brazilian teachers are proficient in English (as well as other languages) and are highly qualified educators with diverse professional backgrounds and experience living and working abroad.


  • What's the difference between the group and individual classes?

Individual classes are for you to improve specific and peculiar points that you need. Group classes are for putting English into practice, meeting other students and exchanging experiences, as well as networking.


  • How do the individual classes work? 

First, we perform an initial assessment where we determine which aspects of your English communication need improvement. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized learning plan. As you progress through the course, you can adapt your learning plan at any time to help accommodate any new professional goals. 


  • How do the group classes work? 

Group classes are aimed at intermediate and advanced English speakers, and are organized by topic. The purpose of the groups is for students to put into practice the English they are studying either on their own or by taking individual classes. Every week, our teachers discuss relevant topics related to the group's theme. We also offer the Beginners Club which is specifically aimed at students who are starting their English studies. 


  • What are the conversation groups available? 

We currently offer the following group classes: 

Clube dos Tech Recruiters, segundas-feiras às 08h ou 18h

Mid-Level Club, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm 

Conversation Club, Mondays at 8 am or Tuesdays at 8 pm 

Developer’s Club, Wednesdays at 8 pm 

Grupo de Iniciantes, segundas e quartas-feiras às 19h 

All groups are geared toward intermediate and/or advanced English speakers to help students prepare for the diverse environment they will typically encounter in English-speaking offices. For information about courses for beginners, contact us via whatsapp: +55 35 9731-3333


  • How can I start the course? 

You can start whenever you want. Click here to schedule a class through our contact form or through WhatsApp


  • What time can I have individual classes? 

Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 10 pm. 


  • Are there any assignments or tests? 

Our methodology is conversation-based, so we don't prioritize homework or formal assessments. However, our teachers continually assess your needs and adapt their classes to meet your goals and objectives. 


  • What's the duration of the classes? 

All classes (individual or group) last 50 minutes. Beginner students can split the class into two 25-minute sessions (per week). 


  • What material do you use for the classes? 

All of our educational materials and resources are developed in-house and focused on Business and Technology English. 


  • Is it possible to reschedule classes? 

Group classes cannot be replaced. For individual lessons, if you notify your teacher up to 12 hours in advance, it is possible to reschedule your lesson within the same week. Just let your teacher know and check the available times. 


  • Do I have to sign a contract? 

No, we work by subscription. This means that you will pay a fixed amount monthly and you can cancel by giving a month's notice. There are no penalties or cancellation fees. 


  • Existe alguma taxa extra? 

No, we only charge the monthly fee. 


  • Do you provide certificates? 

We can issue a document stating your level and the hours studied. 


  • Can you help me get an international job? 

We partner with recruitment agencies that are specialized in hiring technology professionals for international companies to help you find a job that fits your needs. We recommend students who fit the profile of the vacancies and whose English is satisfactory. We also provide mentoring for advanced students who are already looking for international opportunities, but need help with specific matters such as preparing for job interviews, writing a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn in English, among others. 


  • How long will I need to study English to be ready for an interview with an international company? 

This is entirely up to you, how much time you have available to study and what your current level is. In our experience, we've found that students who fully commit to the course and participate in all available conversation classes tend to progress more quickly. 


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