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We Teach Winners.

Verbalize Now offers online English classes for business and technology, developed especially for you.

Learn anywhere with lessons and materiais focused on your objectives.

If you want to advance in the job market, speaking English is more important than ever. our experienced teachers will help you improve your business English abilities so you can achieve your professional goals and we guarantee you will have fun in the process.


Our individual classes are personalized for each student's exclusive needs.

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English Classes

Our live, online classes are offered at flexible times.

Group Classes

We offer plans for up to six people from your company or circle of friends. We've made online English classes easy and fun!

Want to know more about our online English classes?

Our online English classes are delivered by teachers who have as much experience in education as they do in the coorporate world. Their main objective is to perfect your English abilities and help you launch your career. Begin your English journey by getting to know what Verbalize Now is all about.

We have the perfect online English course for you.

Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

English Classes and Mentorships

We offer online English classes that will help you achieve your professional goals. On top of that, we also offer mentorships for professionals who are seeking opportunities abroad.

English for Business and Technology

We offer English courses focused on what you need to work in an international company. We help you improve the specific communication of every field in tecnhology.

We're Focused on Results

We track our students' progress, identify their points of improvement, and adjust our flexible curriculum to provide them with more support.

We've made online English classes easy and fun.

Verbalize Now is not a typical online business English school. Our objective is simple: to help professionals compete for the best tech jobs anywhere in the world. If you need help preparing for an interview with a company that speaks English, or simply want to develop the confidence you need to participate in the hiring process, we're here to help.

Personalized Courses for Companies

When dealing with the international market, your employees are going to need strong business English skills. Verbalize Now offers special online business English courses that will prepare your business for the international stage.

Our Clients

Our Plans

Our individual classes are customized and personalized to suit your lifestyle, schedule and professional goals.

We offer conversation classes for groups of up to 6 people. Each group has a different theme and classes have a fixed schedule.

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Aula Avulsa
  • Todos os níveis
  • Uma aula individual
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Conteúdo de aula personalizado e focado

Fluency Now!

Start your journey
  • Nível intermediário e avançado
  • Uma aula de conversação em grupo por semana
  • Fixed Scheduling
  • Access to our exclusive platform
  • Videos
  • Listening
  • Reading Materials
  • Support material

Let's begin

Duplamente focado
  • Nível básico
  • Two classes in group per week
  • Fixed Scheduling
  • Access to our exclusive platform
  • Videos
  • Listening
  • Reading Materials
  • Support material

English Discovery

Set yourself up for success
  • Teste de nivelamento
  • Diagnóstico da sua comunicação
  • Plano de ação para atingir seus objetivos


Our premium package
  • 01 individual class per week
  • Flexible scheduling for individual classes
  • Access our exclusive WhatsApp Q&A channel
  • Access to our exclusive platform
  • Videos
  • Listening
  • Reading Materials
  • Support material

What are students are saying

Our proudest accomplishment is helping our students succeed.

Verbalize now offers group mentorships sporadically!
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Frequently Asked Questions

We carry out an assessment to identify what your professional goals are and what gaps need to be filled in your communication so that you can achieve your goals. We adapt the agile methodology for teaching English so our goal is to get straight to the point and adapt the classes according to your needs, performance and new goals that may arise during the course. All classes, regardless of package and level, are focused on conversation and improving communication. Our aim is to help our students communicate in English in an international company clearly and effectively. 

We currently employ English teachers from the United States and Brazil. All of our Brazilian teachers are proficient in English (as well as other languages) and are highly qualified educators with diverse professional backgrounds and experience living and working abroad. 

Individual classes are for you to improve specific and peculiar points that you need. Group classes are for putting English into practice, meeting other students and exchanging experiences, as well as networking. 

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