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Cross Cultural Training: Learn the Basics

cross cultural training helps avoid cultural conflict in the workplace

We live in an increasingly diverse world. That applies to the companies we work for as well! Since the Covid-19 outbreak, companies have been shifting their focus to hiring remote workers, which has increased the number of multi-cultural teams at many companies. This increase to multi-cultural teams has also increased the demand for cross cultural […]

Learn Why English Is Truly the World’s Language

English Is the World's Language

The English language is incredibly diverse, and incredibly expressive— it seems like it has a word for almost anything. It’s also quite complicated! If you’ve ever wondered about why the English language looks the way it does, the answer starts in the British Isles— a place with a complex history of invasion and colonization, combined […]

Why Do Companies Favor Extroverts?

Let’s start this blog with a confession: I am an introvert. Now that I’m a full-time remote professional, it’s safe to say that nothing motivated me to leave the office forever more than having to work in a start-up. Working in a start-up may sound fun to a lot of people, but in my experience, […]

Business English Toolbox: How to Pronounce “-ed”

If you listen carefully to a native speaker say a word like “worked,” you might notice something strange. It doesn’t sound like they say the “ed” at the end of the word at all— it sounds more like a “t” sound that’s just hanging on the end of the word. The confusion continues when you […]

Texture Adjectives Stay Crunchy, Even In Milk!

One of my favorite parts of my job is running Verbalize Now’s weekly conversation club. We talk about an incredibly wide array of topics, which helps my students discover concepts and vocabulary that they may not have heard before. An interesting thing happened in this week’s meeting— I found out that lots of advanced English […]

Dear Leader: Ditch Autocratic Leadership!

If there’s one thing the current situation in Ukraine can teach us, it’s that when one person has all the power, things can go wrong very quickly. However, you don’t need to be a head of state to be an autocrat, or to suffer under one. It seems like everyone has a story about working […]

Prove Them Wrong: How to Win Arguments

Business English debate

These days, it seems like everybody has an argument for or against something. The art of debate, which is thousands of years old, was a major part of the robust democracy fostered by the ancient Greeks. These days, understanding the art of debating is more important than ever, especially when you’re studying business English in […]

Does “Saudade” Have an English Translation?


I’ve only been in Brazil for four months, and I don’t speak much Portuguese (yet.) However, there’s one word I learned pretty quickly, and it’s “saudade.” Brazilians love this word— just listen to Brazilian music and you’ll hear it turn up all the time. If you’re not familiar with it, “saudade” means “a deep emotional […]

Don’t Make Resolutions— Make Habits!

It’s January— and every new year that comes brings new opportunities for self-improvement. Millions of people have made New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight or studying English, and right now, their motivation level is probably pretty high. However, even although the intentions behind New Year’s resolutions are good, very few people will be able to […]

Resume Basics: Master the Professional Summary

reviewing resume during interview

Even if you’re confident about your business English abilities, you’re not getting an awesome new job without a well-crafted resume. One often overlooked part of a well-crafted resume is the professional summary. Professional summaries have become more important in the last few years, so there’s no reason for you not to include one. Imagine a […]

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