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Although learning English online can be pretty challenging, one of the best things about the language is the fact that it offers many, many ways to describe absolutely everything. This means that there is absolutely no excuse to be boring when describing something. Take the words “good” and “bad” for example. These two adjectives are two of the first words someone who is new to English typically learns in their online English classes. However, overusing them can make your writing sound boring and unimaginative. To prevent this, why not mix in some of the many synonyms these two words have? Let’s check out some of the more effective and interesting ways to say “good” and “bad” in English, split into “formal” and “informal” categories!


Formal words you can use in place of “good” include:

Slang is a common source of informal words, and “good” is no different:

Friend 1: “We got invited to a party tonight.”

Friend 2: “Cool!”


Formal words you can use in place of “bad” include:


A Word About Superlatives

Don’t forget the rules for creating superlative adjectives! Adding “er” to most adjectives will increase their intensity, like in “fast” and “faster.”

If something is the “most fast”, then you’d add “est” to make it “fastest”.

However, these rules don’t work for good or bad. There is no “gooder” or “badder.” Instead, we do this:


We told you that there were a lot of ways to describe things in English! Don’t forget: these are just a few of the many, many options you have, so don’t be afraid to do your own research and see if there are other words you like even more.

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