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Do you hear that? It’s the aural learner, listening very closely to what you’re saying! The second part of our blog series about learning styles is all about the aural learner. The word “aural” refers to the sense of hearing; you may also hear this learning type described as the “auditory” learner.

Speaking and listening both come naturally to aural learners. If you were a student who was able to remember every word your teacher said during English classes, you’re probably an aural learner. Ready to hear more? Read on to discover how aural learners can maximize their auditory talents.

What Do Aural Learners Love?

Aural learners love to speak and listen, and can be very entertaining people to share a conversation with. Here are some of the activities they enjoy the most:

When it comes to careers, aural learners may naturally gravitate toward being lawyers, educators, journalists, administrative assistants, and of course, musicians and entertainers.

Strategies for Aural Learners

Studying in a group setting is the best case scenario for aural learners. Aural learners are natural talkers, so when it comes to “holding court” in a group discussion, they’ll be happy to take charge. If you’re a visual learner who needs to get through to an aural one, try explaining those charts, graphs, and visuals in a natural, conversational way. Aural learners do not respond to visual aids the way visual or read/write learners do. In addition, aural learners do not always take the best notes. One way to improve this is by gathering additional information from conversations with other students (especially the read/write learners!) Also, reading notes or educational materials aloud will help improve recall.

Despite the aural learner’s many strengths, there are some things that they should be cautious of. First, aural learners must make sure that they maintain their focus during discussions. They may be so excited to speak that they forget to listen. Another word of caution that relates to all learners, not just aural ones: be multimodal. This means understanding that not everyone shares your learning style, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. This may even mean making a graph, or devising a hands-on activity!

How Aural Learners Can Master Business English

Verbalize Now is all about personalizing our online English classes for your learning style. Aural learners will be happy to hear that our informal conversation practice sessions are a natural fit for their learning style. Since aural learners respond so well to working in discussion groups, we actively seek groups of friends who are interested in taking online business English classes together. Everything is more fun with friends, and our online English classes are no different!

No matter your learning style, when you speak, Verbalize Now listens. Our online business English classes are fully personalized so you don’t waste any time getting ready for your big opportunity. If you’re ready to pursue your dream job with an English-speaking company, contact us. We can’t wait to help you discover your hidden superpowers!

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