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It’s January— and every new year that comes brings new opportunities for self-improvement. Millions of people have made New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight or studying English, and right now, their motivation level is probably pretty high. However, even although the intentions behind New Year’s resolutions are good, very few people will be able to maintain the changes they’ve decided to make. In fact, only 7% of people surveyed were able to keep their resolutions in 2019! The reason for this is pretty simple— new year’s resolutions are usually difficult and uncomfortable.

Difficult and uncomfortable things are often the most important things we need to do. Although the majority of New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight and eating healthier, there

Whatever It Is, Do It Daily!

Consistency is the key to forming any habit, and without it, lasting change is nearly impossible. Let’s say you’re taking online business English classes. The best strategy is to work on your English a little every day rather than a lot two or three times a week. Doing it this way will help you notice incremental progress, which can be a huge motivation tool.

Doing too little won’t make you better, and doing too much can lead to burnout. When it comes to learning a language, 20 minutes a day is the minimum amount of time per day that you should expect to spend studying. Of course, you don’t always have to do the same type of studying every day. Why not try taking a couple online English classes a week, while supplementing your studies by using a learning app like Duolingo and watching some TV shows in English? This not only sounds fun and easily to do, but is actually a better idea than grinding away with an hour of hardcore grammar study every day.

Start Slow

If you’re the type of person who dives headfirst into challenges, you need to take extra care when forming a new habit. When you’re new to something, making mistakes and progressing slowly are expected, and this reality can be tough to accept. In English, the phrase “biting off more than you can chew” refers to the act of doing more than you can handle, and it’s especially relevant when it comes to developing new habits. Burnout is a common cause of abandoned plans, so if you’re a high achiever, be patient and forgiving with yourself.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Accountability: it’s a long word that can make or break your self-improvement plan. The buddy system can work wonders in this regard. Having a friend that can help keep you motivated— and call you out when you start getting lazy— is probably the most important key to the success of a new healthy habit. In addition, studying English with a friend (even online) can help you overcome the anxiety associated with speaking a second language in front of others.

“New Year, new you” is entirely possible if you’ve got the right plan and the right support system. Verbalize Now can help you out with both! Our online English classes are fun, useful, and above all, supportive. We know that building your confidence and consistency are the two keys when trying to instill a new healthy habit like studying English. Best of all, we offer group classes that can help keep you and your buddy accountable! Contact us if you’re interested in keeping a resolution that can truly change your life— mastering business English!

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