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If Covid has caused one good thing, it’s that people have become much more open about toxic company cultures. They’re definitely easier to identify now that companies are scrambling to fill open positions, but somehow aren’t interested in changing their broken, inhuman hiring practices. There’s a big disconnect between workers and companies, and although Covid may have been the catalyst, the seeds were sown decades ago. Frankly, work has become a miserable experience for many, and big hurdle that companies are facing when it comes to hiring is that employees simply don’t want to go back to an office. We certainly can’t imagine why, considering how toxic many companies are! If you’re interested in applying for jobs with English-speaking companies, start looking out for the signs of fear-based cultures. Here are a few:

Meet the Fear-Based Culture

Sarcasm aside, there’s a word for companies that seem to pride themselves on making your life miserable. Linkedin influencer Liz Ryan calls them “fear-based cultures.” As you can guess, these companies use fear to motivate their employees. This use of fear can be intentional or unintentional. Often, managers in these cultures let their personal insecurities drive their decision making. This can result in undeserving yet compliant employees being promoted, simply because the people in charge prioritize workers who won’t challenge their authority. What a frustrating and demotivating experience for the deserving employee who was left behind!

Now’s the Time to Be Human

If there’s such a big shortage of workers, why are so many people struggling to be hired? It seems strange. However, many companies have chosen not to raise wages or offer benefits, or use ridiculously demanding or demeaning hiring practices. One particular point of frustration is the unrealistic or impossible job requirements hiring managers set forth. Here’s a fantastic example of what we’re talking about:


In the past, applicants were forced to “suck it up” and put up with this stuff. Not anymore! It’s a worker’s market, and companies that aren’t able to adapt to this reality by behaving like humans are going to suffer.

Covid has inspired millions of people to re-think their careers. Many, including myself, saw Covid as a perfect opportunity to start a company and break free of the office for good. If you’re jumping through hoops trying to be hired by a company that doesn’t treat you with respect, why not do the same?

Workers Are To Be Seen, Not Heard?

Let’s say your company is making you go back into the office— even though you just spent nearly two years proving that you could do your job from home! This decision would seem counterintuitive, considering that a remote workforce can be just as productive and can save a company tons of money. Why would a company require this?

Well, if you’re working in a fear-based culture, there’s an easy explanation. Fear-based managers simply don’t trust their employees. They think that if they’re not supervised, they’ll slack off. If that’s the case, how did the world manage to function during Covid when nearly everyone was working online? Since companies can save so much money from having a remote workforce, a company demanding their entire staff return to the office is a surefire sign of a fear-based culture.

You Deserve Better

You’re in demand— and there’s absolutely no reason why you should have to settle for a toxic company that’s living in the past. Verbalize Now can help you perfect your business English skills so you can get the remote job of your dreams. Our online business English classes are taught by professionals who are passionate about remote work, happy employees, and ethical business practices. We believe in your ability to work abroad and change your life. Contact us to learn more!

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